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September 13, 2016


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DigiEd Project is a forthcoming joint initiative of SPADE & PERVCOM under the guidance of the Social Informatics Group, IIM Calcutta.

The objectives of the project is to spread quality education for the underprivileged school children through supplementing the existing delivery system by online classes for various levels by experienced senior citizens including retired teachers, academicians, etc. located in cities.

Children in remote rural areas shall be able to learn different formal and non-formal subjects remotely using internet-enabled online education platform. The children will use Tablets or desktops in the established internet kiosks located in their respective villages.

In future, the initiative shall incorporate online information-sharing platform using Internet for the rural women leading to livelihood enhancement and holistic development. This shall be achieved by:

  • utilizing the vast pool of knowledge resource of the educated senior citizens including retired teachers, who are capable but otherwise not involved in any mainstream productive activities,
  • creating Internet kiosks in selected villages where women and school children will use Tablets or computers to interact with their remote teachers and learn from them, and
  • tying up with local NGOs who will assist in setting up an internet kiosk in remote villages and also be infrastructure partner in the intervention.


Mr. Saradindu Banerjee (President) and Mr. Indrajit Dutt (Director – Resource & Development) talks about the DigiEd initiative taken by SPADE to provide quality education to children in remote areas.

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