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September 13, 2016


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A project of Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT)

In association with SPADE

The project aimed to improve the quality of life of the community living in Khanpur villages at Guaberia Gram Panchayat of Sutahata block and Basulia and Chapi at Haldia Municipality. It started in 2015 and is continuing till date, i.e., January, 2018.

Under this major objective, the activities undertaken and successfully achieved are:

  1. Institution Building & Financial Inclusion
    Institution Building & Financial Inclusion: Total 53 SHGs has been bank linkage with 549 women in the project area. To link with NULM/WBSRLM two convergence meeting held successfully. Cumulative savings is Rs.10,36,725/-, Cash Credit loan received from banks – Rs. 46,64,000/-.
  2. Capacity Building
    Training held on regular basis on Book Keeping, Bank Linkage, Micro Credit Plan Preparation, and Project Planning.
  3. Income Generation and Improvement Activities
    Total 283 numbers of SHG families has been mobilized on skill development training on farm and non farm activities. Farm activities are vermin compost, SRI paddy cultivation, pulses, variety of vegetable cultivation, fishery, poultry and duckery, goatery, bio pesticides. Non Farm activities training included tailoring, zori craft, leather handgloves.
  4. Livelihood Development Activities
    • Commercial vegetable cultivation  – 42 members in 17 acres of land.
    • Commercial nursery seed bed preparation – 12 members of 0.33 acres of land.
    • SRI paddy cultivation – 121 members in 71 acres of land.
    • Fishery – 49 members in 12 acres of water body.
    • Fish Spawn cultivation – 1 member in 0.66 acre water body and made a profit of Rs.60,000/-.
    • Animal husbandry – 37 members started keeping 33 cattle & goat ,639  hen and 159 ducks.
    • Average monthly income increased by Rs.2500 – 3000/.

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